And, what about the hands?

Who better than a wedding photographer knows the importance of the position of the hands? Hands in the photo have an important role, are part of the photographic language and style of the wedding photographer. A raised hand or gently leaning on the groom’s shoulder, or even better on the cheek of the bride or pocket give distinctly different results and “says” very different things. Even the way we exclude the frame is very important, a hand must not give the sense of being cut off or incomplete. They are not just a detail, much less negligible. In marriage it is important that the groom has taken care of the appearance of hands with manicure adequate because the exchange of wedding rings we could pause on a limb first floor. Despite their great versatility, hands and arms become enormously bulky during a photo shoot and it is important to learn to manage them. It is also important to be able do not enlarge the “footprint” to the subjects  so that it does not become a problem also for them. The hand is able to say a lot of things and then take advantage of this to make him say the right things. To express a gesture of love’s hand may be closer to the face of the bride, a caress made with the back of her hand to her cheek maybe approaching very faces in an even more intimate gesture … or a gesture of reassurance, join hands in pocket of the trousers and the other encircling their beloved. Or even the bride who puts his hand to his chest and groom looks at him sweetly. How many things can say hands if only we get to listen to them?

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