Two words about the preparations

If you ask to a wedding photographer how important are the photographs taken during the preparations he will have no hesitation in his answer: very important!

What once was “visible” only to those closest, today is one of the most important parts of the photo shoot. What changed and why today’s photographs are taken during the preparations? First it has changed the perception of the photo shoot, no longer a collection of portraits of the couple in their wedding dresses, but a true story of a special day. A wedding album today is a story in images that can excite. In addition there is also a technical explanation: the digital today allows us to take many more photographs and to do so in light conditions at the time of the film were unthinkable. So it have simplified the life of the photographer? Unfortunately not, they have changed the difficulties and “requests” of the client.

But back to the preparations, what makes “magic” these images? The beauty! Yes, the bride in these moments emanates joy, tension and emotion. Just the best ingredients for good photographs. To improve these “natural” ingredients you can use some tweaking. Little things that in the images will give a large yield.

If to help (both bride and groom) are their witnesses, siblings or friends, surely you will get the most dynamic and vibrant images. In addition, choosing a robe and slippers suitable to the occasion, you will be beautiful. Finally, choose a fairly large and naturally-lit room (a large window, or even better, by a double door window) will give your wedding photographer the ability to move around and find the best compositions.

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