Where we do it?

The wedding ceremony in the church (or other place of worship), in the town hall or elsewhere? How many questions crowd the minds of future married couples? Sometimes even ask for advice on wedding photographer.

From the photographic point of view I can not answer it by selecting a category of places. Good photographs are obtained if the site is large enough, with a nice light and the context is appropriate.

I am sure that the views of the wedding photographer is not so important in this choice. I’m also agree on this. The place where a couple will celebrate their marriage is something emotional and touch the intimate sphere of the couple. It can not rely only on aesthetic factors such as pictures and video.

Nevertheless, the experience of the wedding photographer can help in case of indecision. It can happen to be undecided between various solutions and an expert can help solve doubts.

Personally I have no preferences on great places of ceremonies. The places of worship are places that carry with them the religious aspect of the couple. Regardless of the aesthetic beauty of the environment, it is the beauty of the couple who gain through the joy of celebrating their marriage at such an important place for them.

For my part I have the utmost respect for all places, especially those of worship.

Even the halls of the municipalities, especially in large cities, are beautiful historical rooms. In Italy we have the incredible beauty everywhere. If you might feel the room only the frame of the “framework” I would not underestimate the importance of the Italian historic buildings.

Finally, the outdoor wedding. I happened to photograph the ceremonies outdoors, at the beach, at the seaside, in fantastic gardens and high-altitude … Beautiful, magical and very exciting.

I can not give you my preference, because the beauty of the ceremony does not do the place, do people, the newlyweds and their guests …