From Brazil to Friuli for the country chic wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of a wedding photographer is to be able to meet many different people with different tastes. I often talk about my job of wedding photographer in Venice, destination wedding and luxury wedding.

Today I tell you a beautiful story, a bit different from the usual: a country style wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Country style wedding is very fascinating but making it easy is not easy. Jaqueline, who comes from Brazil and Tommaso (originally from Friuli), has been entrusted to the wedding designer Alessandra Ambrosini, who has taken care of the whole set up with the utmost care.

Jobs made with passion and putting our hearts are always masterpieces. Working with Jaqueline and Thomas in this rustic and refined environment at the same time was very enjoyable. They are a fantastic couple, always available and sunny.

Both the ceremony and the reception took place at the Friul Marangon of Orgnano in the province of Udine. Lovely place in the countryside, very quiet and close to Udine. An old farmhouse transformed into location for receptions. The stone walls typical of this area, recovered and maintained to perfection.

It was very hot and the choice to get married in the afternoon was fine. It’s been a wonderful evening with the few guests who could enjoy the outdoor spaces and the movie atmosphere.

It is not easy to express the beauty of my work. Sure, it has its negative sides and not always that’s all so great but being able to span in the various genres and styles of weddings is exciting.

In this marriage then I also added something special. With Jaqueline and Thomas I had already experienced it during the engagement session: I took photos in both digital and analogue … below you can also evaluate and enjoy the magical atmospheres of this country wedding by Alessandra Ambrosini