I’m not only a wedding photographer, first of all I’m a dad! I’m the proud father of Alice … and as a dad is not proud of his little girl? As his eyes shine every time he see her or simply think? Just because I am a father, I understand the emotion that magical day lives every dad. From the first rays of the morning standing with the excuse to check that everything go wonderfully tries to conceal the agitation which prevented him to sleep a wink all night. And finally there he was, his princess ready in white habit which since he was a child has coveted … and how do you hold back the tears and the smiles? An explosion of mixed emotions: joy for such an important step daughter and a hint of regret because the house will be a bit empty from now on … But today is the big day for her at that moment seems to shine own light.

The ride to the ceremony is a succession of moods and here we are finally, in front of this big door: I will be able to accompany her to the altar? Well starts the footbridge in the center of the nave with friends and family who look our princess with admiration and joy! What unforgettable moments and now we arrived, it’s time to give yourself to your spouse … a kiss on the forehead that brings with it a piece of our heart: go my little girl, start your new journey and always be happy as today.