What about wedding photography?

If we try to look on the search engines “wedding photographer” we will find a myriad of photographers offering very different things to each other. So what wedding photography? Very difficult to answer, as it is difficult to define the tastes of the couple. Each person is unique and as such has their own tastes, so do the wedding photographers have different tastes and proposals.


Once the technical limitations forced to work in a certain way, but today they can range in various fields of photography and then photographing weddings in different ways. For a long time it was the reportage word to lord. Yes, with the advent of digital photography, many photographers have embraced the typical photojournalists shooting techniques to capture weddings. Others have pursued the path traced by using analog photography, poses and typical of analog photography lighting techniques, others have brought the “fashion” of photography peculiarity in portraiture of marriage. The next trend has been to melt a bit all these styles and find a complete story of emotions, spontaneity, technique, elegance and beauty.


This involved a lot of study and effort yet very photographers have managed to achieve outstanding results. But today what wedding photography, in which direction is it going? In my opinion the most beautiful and right direction that there is; wedding photographers are trying to personalize.


The uniqueness and personality of each are the “great beauty” of our times.

It will no longer be possible to classify the wedding photographer according to a genre or a style but it is recognized the “hand” of the photographer himself

This for the benefit of the pairs of bride and groom who will be able to find the right photographer to them, both for photographic quality that personality … because the wedding album isn’t a collection of images or memories, the wedding album is an experience to live.

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