What is wedding photography?

The wedding photography does not exist, word of a wedding photographer! You will think I have gone crazy this morning, and just a point I can not give them … I have a hearing disorder that might make me mad!

But we leave out the personal stuff and back to the topic of the article: wedding photography.

Yes I think there is not wedding photography. What happens when we photograph someone in their wedding day? Each photographer brings to the surface what he has in depth. The own culture, their own tastes and their own experience.

Photographers are not all equal, everyone has their own way of telling the wedding. Let’s make an analogy with the written and spoken language: the same event could tell so excellent form a journalist. The journalist will tell us precisely every moment of the event highlight. Let’s try then to do it by telling a writer of novels, also in this case we have a story of the day but it will be seen in a much more romantic and full of emotional details. Finally we try to do it by telling a poet, probably will not have a detailed account of the event, but we will have some poems that will transmit us the emotions and which will give us a memory “poetic” of our event.

For the wedding photographer it is the same thing. I say that there is wedding photography because I think there is a photograph of his way to be interpreted. It will then be the interpretation of the photograph to be subjected event wedding.

The photographer who makes reportage is like the journalist, tell your wedding in great detail and even taking up the exciting moments as they occur, allowing you to relive them whenever you leaf through the wedding album.

There is the portrait photographer that will photograph you in a “poetic” mood and will tell you so fantastic, giving space to the emotions of the day even if he don’t dwell on all the details.

Finally there are those like me mixes various kinds to become the writer of the novel is your wedding. Blending great detail of the reporter and the large portrait of emotional sensitivity will give you a wedding album that you will love and leaf through with tears in your eyes.

So, the wedding photography do not exist, there is the photography!