I want to believe …

This was a most popular frase in 90’s when on tv burst X files and the Agent Fox Molder investigate on paranormal activities. Today I use that title for describe how weird can be our life. Is very curious learn how life can change situations and people. We can find ourself in some places or conjunctures where some years ago you can’t imagine. I’m very lucky to be a wedding photographer, because I can meet a lot of different people from different cultures and see many different stories. On February 25th 2016 in Italy the senate approved the law about civil unions. I’m very cheerful for that, finally my country become emancipated; now, same sex couples, can live together protected.

For many time I wish to photograph a same sex wedding. Just in this days I had my chance and I captured the must beautiful day of Max and Robert. They are an awesome couple from Miami. They celebrate their symbolic wedding in Venice at the “Romance Dinner” of the hotel JW Marriott. All things are perfectly organized by “Venice First”. Marvelous and emotional was the ceremony. All guests were moved and happy. The spouses changed the rings and their promises in a wonderful evening early summer. The sun was still high in the sky and donated, at landscape, a golden tonality like a “dream”.  The air was refreshing and in that square overlooking at sea, decorated by withe and rose flowers, ware arriving Max and Roberto on 2 golf cart. Looks, smiles, big emotions. A smart ceremony very intense.

Finally also in Italy we can have these experiences and I want to believe that is not the one…

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