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What does mean edit a photograph?

Here I am to a topic that I have already discussed many times but it’s never too as long as it is sensible. Often we fall into the deception of this word, Postproduction! For the wedding photographer the post production (o editing) is the completion of what he saw during the shooting phase. First of all, I am firmly convinced that the shot is, and will forever remain, the most important moment in a photograph. It is important to all of the shot, being able to see the light, the situation, the composition, handling the subject (if necessary), fix everything that needs to get into the frame and eliminate all disturbing elements (not deleting them later with photoshop) and also imagine how it should be the end result. In this topic you can see an example of how simple and fast is to edit a photograph taken well and how important is that the image is chosen by the photographer. The topic of the choice I’ve covered here. A photograph taken well and for which the photographer has clear ideas, you can edit in 5 minutes … as you can see in the accompanying video. Of course, an album with 100-120 photographs still requires many hours of work, regardless then the time it takes the simple calibration of the entire shooting (to deliver high resolutions to the spouses), layout and management of archives. I will speak in another topic for the archive, and what are the related items. I invite you to watch the video attached that shows a sequence of very simple post production. Many are the techniques I use to edit photographs of marriage, this is just faster.