With what purpose?

Here is a situation where the wedding photographer becomes a nerd! Yes, when it comes to gear all we are become a bit fetishists.

We know that the end customer care very little what equipment we use, for not to say anything! For us however know that with that particular lens we can achieve that particular outcome disturbs sleep!

Yes, because wedding photography is emotion, spontaneity and narrative but everything rests on very solid foundations: the technique. For I mean not only technical expertise of a wedding photographer but also the quality of the equipment used.

Because cameras consist of professionals much more amateur cameras? What gives me more?

The differences are many, but the first thing that must absolutely be known is that a professional camera, without the necessary technical knowledge base, produces significantly worse results of an amateur camera. This is just a note that wants to explain what look professional when buying a certain camera and a certain lens.

As far as cameras are countless features and any photographer looking for her! For me there are not many features I’m looking, but unfortunately are those which raise a lot of the price of the camera. First I would like my camera is “safe” and then allow me to make a backup image immediately. So I chose a camera model that saves directly the photos on two separate cards. Then the quality of the colors and exposure latitude, finally, very important the precision of focus.

Just we pass through the focus on the quality of the lens. All the lens that I chose for professional jobs are fixed focal length (no zoom) since this type of lens is better in many aspects. Another feature I like is the great light of the objectives, concept a bit complicated to explain but this “brightness” as well as allow me to work well even in low light conditions (situation that I love) gives me the opportunity to create very fascinating effects already in the shooting.

As I said, on these issues just give the “la” to a wedding photographer who you will talk about for hours and hours …