The color for a wedding photographer in Venice

Although I am a wedding photographer in Venice who loves photography in black and white, today I want to talk about the color. I am a lover of photography in black and white due to its intrinsic characteristics but also the color. Color photography has some very interesting features.

The color, for wedding photographer, is very important. Needless to say that in this area is much more widespread of black and white. For the wedding in Venice is almost essential. Although they are very frequent and widespread photographs of Venice in black and white (outside of marriage), the color can take on great importance.

Before getting into the details of the wedding in Venice I shall focus on what is absolutely necessary for good color photography: the palette!

For good color image it is important that all the colors that make up are congruent. This consistency then it should also be applied to the layout; more the colors are similar to each other, more the various photos look good together.

For this reason it is important to have a color that follows the entire wedding, from the preparations to the dances. The color of the wedding, in fact. The dressing gowns and bridesmaids dresses, flowers and any other detail is important that it be coordinated. And if the colors were well coordinated with that of the room (assuming a historical building) we would have a really fantastic palette and pleasing to the eye.

It is not always easy to have all color coordinated and sometimes it is almost impossible. For this often albums have some pages in black and white (not only of course).

All this puts the burden and responsibility for the bride and the wedding planner, in fact even the wedding photographer has the ability to handle the color palette, would be too easy to find everything already coordinated. The photographer has the option of framing the portions of reality that may exclude the disturbances. So how can you move something if too annoying. In addition, the post production plays a very important role in the calibration of the color palette.

As for Venice, the beautiful use of color is his being “coordinated”. The buildings with similar colors that are reflected in the water and it take the same color. The black gondolas, and the wooden cab. There are areas where the buildings are brick made and even those have their own charm. Imagine a beautiful sunny day, the colors create a very warm and romantic, and at sunset as you can not take advantage of that heat? And the night will be even more romantic color.

I remain a wedding photographer in love black and white. I love the romantic atmosphere and the sobriety that photography in black and white can give. However the color gave me a lot of satisfaction and even strong emotions and I’m sure I’ll use it still very much in the future.

I’d like to propose full-color album (or all black and white) for the great homogeneity that can be achieved, a bit as in cinema: it is very rare to have the film in which the technique of color is mixed with black and white.

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