Color or Black & White?

How many times have you asked this question?… and how many times the wedding photographer to himself? The answer is not always easy and sometimes may create doubts to the spouses. That’s why my advice is to not have it, leaving the photographer the burden of choice. In the past, before the advent of digital photography, this choice was the exclusive competence of the photographer, according to the scene, composition and light, the photographer chose whether to mount the “cartdrige” with color film, or the one with the black and white film. At that point the choice was final and could not reconsider. To make this choice the photographer have his experience and style, its own language that leads him to one version or the other.

As in everything, even in wedding photography, times change and with them the tastes and moods; change over time the photographs and their post-production. If we try to look at the wedding a few years ago we would see the photographs with colors and types of black & white is completely different from today. These changes are slight but constant and the wedding photographer is very attentive to trends and to stay updated to always give you the most advanced product. As for me, I give the couple the opportunity to choose if their album will be everything with photographs in black & white, with color photographs, or alternately. The dell’alternate choice is the most frequent. If from a certain point of view it might seem the most comfortable, on the other hand is very complex … The photographer makes this choice since when shooting the image; not as in past changing the film but “interpreting” the light and composition. There are some images that can be interpreted in both, color and black & white, but are not that many. Because I do not like to insert color images together with images in black & white on the same spread, here it presents the difficulty of thinking, during shooting, the image sequences can will be used consistently in the layout of the final album. That is why I raise the bride and groom from the burden of choosing the layout and post production of the images, is a photographer’s task is part of the stylistic and technical choices that I could never give up.

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