What happens when it rains in Venice?

Are I just meaning to the work of the wedding photographer in Venice, which is done when it rains?

In these days, northern Italy is flooded with a perturbation that has brought a lot of rain. I think bad weather does not like most people but for me today is a source of inspiration to tell you what can be done in Venice when it rains.

As we know, in Venice there is no possibility to move in the car, so the best solution is to use the water taxi. These means will take us close to the places where we want to take our photographs.

The most famous square in Venice is undoubtedly St. Mark’s Square. And just St. Mark’s Square is the square with the largest number of porticoes underneath which can be repaired by the rain. These porches, however, give us not only a shelter but also a great source of inspiration for the portraits. The light that comes from the open side and contrasts with the closed side gives us the possibility, by moving subjects, to obtain a multitude of different situations.

It is possible to photograph the subjects behind the basilica or to impact the perspective of the long corridor, we can approach them to a column and take advantage of the side light or near the wall.

Venice is a city that never leaves you. Whatever the situation in Venice you can get great portrait and couple photographs. There is always a solution at hand, just a little fancy and the solution is!

The luck of having a wedding photographer in Venice is this too! There is magic in every view and every detail.

Are you planning to organize your wedding in Venice? Do not worry about the weather, whatever the situation will be a fable!