Best wishes to all women

On the Women’s Day, a wedding photographer in Italy have to pay tribute to brides. Below a small gallery of some of the brides that I had the pleasure of doing the photo shoot on their marriage. Just like in my nature of destination wedding photographer, I chose to place very different marriages between them and women that represent the way I work. I’m very sorry to the many who missing, I’m not being able to put all the “my brides”.

The best wishes for International Women’s Day I would not want to remain a superficial thing, but I would like to wish all women to achieve their desires and goals; This wish is underlined every day with pleasure that I find in working with you and among you. I’m very in touch with the women on the day of their wedding and with time I learned to empathize with them and personally experience their emotions. Unique moments that you would never end. Just this empathy and understanding of the female world allows me to bring in pictures of these emotions so that will stay with you forever.