Let’s dance!

We never talked about the photographs during the dances, and yet, for the wedding photographer, is an important moment. It is much more common to hear about the preparations, the ceremony, portraits of couples, cutting the cake … but the dances?

They are usually organized after the cutting of the cake, are the final stage of the party. No less important, the bride and groom and the wedding planners organize very meticulously this phase. Dances are almost always immersed in the dark and decorated with colored lights and special effects.

For the wedding photographer the technical difficulties are being felt: the darkness and the movement are the enemies (especially if you have both) and the use of flash must not impair the performance of the atmosphere. So what are the precautions that a professional wedding photographer implemented to overcome this? First it must be specified to the latest generation of digital cameras are a big help in these circumstances but the technology without the technical mastery and a bit of creativity would not lead to get great images. The flash can help but is to be used and dosed in a careful. In that way the atmosphere that we seek, not only was not lost, but it will be even enhanced. Another device that is always apply the help of an assistant to use a flash light off-camera. With a radio control system, the flash fires in synchronization with the camera even though it is not mounted on the camera itself but kept in the server hand. The assistant moves hand in hand with the photographer … the result is fantastic.

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