Backstage: the montage

Who knows how many times you have wondered what makes your wedding photographer to mount your wedding album. Sure, we all tried to mount photos on an album and then we were confronted with several possible methods. Today I want to tell how I made the Ikuko’s & Karl wedding album who were married on the Collio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, namely the Castle of Buttrio.

The workings of montage require patience and care. Patience is not really a gift of which I’m not equipped, but I needed to learn to find it within me. First, all pictures, after they have been printed, must be trimmed for to have an edge of the same thickness all around. For this process you need to take all the pictures, one by one and foist it with a cutter. The images below can help you visualize the process. This operation, to obtain the maximum precision, it is not possible to make it with a guillotine cutter overlaying blocks of photos. The desire to give an excellent job, makes for an album of about 80 100 photographs takes about 3 hours. At this point, using the schematic layout, bearing the photographs of the album pages without glue. This allows me to do further checking of the layout. I can be sure I have enough pages in the album and if I have printed out correctly all the necessary photographs to packaging. Here comes the most delicate moment, where you can not go wrong … the bonding. For this you need a good concentration and patience thai I mentioned before. Apply the glue with the dispenser is the first phase while pasting the photos on the page is the immediate consequence. For a precise assembly, I prefer to check with a ruler if the position is correct. Closely support the picture of the page and with a delicate gesture I can join. Doing this work with love and trying to the best viewing experience for this phase are needed another 3 hours of work. So, after six hours of careful and patient work, we are ready to browse the full album and do the final checks. When I give an album is always an exciting time, it’s almost like handing over a part of me …

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