Away from home …

I talked many times than I care to the idea of ​​making the destination wedding photographer. And this is in the case that foreign couples come here to Venice or Treviso, or on Lake Garda and Lake Como, both of couples who ask me to join them in places far from my home, not only in Italy, as might be the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Rome and Florence, but also abroad as it happened to me in Paris, Vienna, London, the Loire valley …

Taking a small budget for 2016 I must say that I was lucky enough to meet couples from many areas of the world: from Texas, Florida, Wyoming, California, New York, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Brazil regarding the couples coming from ” new world “, England, France, Austria, Belgium and of course Italy with Europeans origins and Japan, China, Hong Kong, Bahrein, Qatar and Russia from Asia.

I did not want this article to be a simple list, but I wanted to tell you how much I like them and how much I’m curious about different cultures and how much I like to explore the costumes and the “beauty” of the various parts of the world. The work of the wedding photographer is challenging in many ways, and to make it sustainable it is necessary to do it with passion. Work with newlyweds who come from every corner of the world is that ingredient that makes it more exciting and never predictable. Exactly as I want it my photography.

Are you organizing your wedding in Italy or somewhere else in the world?

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