Morning or afternoon?

When it comes time to choose the time of marriage are the answers without asking the opinion of the wedding photographer. And so, more or less rationally, it also seems logical. Who would ever think to ask this thing to the photographer? Then why? He is the storyteller, why should concern the times of the wedding?

Well, the wedding photographer, in any area of ​​Italy or the world he works, the light is its essential component. Oh, yes isn’t it? The light is not the same throughout the day, and then choose whether to get married in the morning or in the afternoon is not exactly the same thing.

Other times, in this blog, I talked about how much I like working with little light and worship evening weddings; It will not be so hard to figure out what will be my answer to this question: I prefer the wedding in the afternoon.

As anticipated, the first plea is light. In summer the days are very long and the light in the middle of the day is less “beautiful” that took in the morning or in late afternoon. It pretty quotation marks because the light is itself always a beautiful thing and then call it ugly is just a purely technical.

The light in the late afternoon adding a very warm color and does not reach the zenith but is much lateral (technical term to define the orientation of the light). When the light comes from above it creates shadows very short and very dark and has a nasty feature of the eye sockets also create them as well as to look like the people of the pandas. Also the light from above, removes softness and charm to the figures.

The light before sunset instead is the best solution for any type of photography, especially for typical ambientati portraits of wedding photography. Imagine a raking light, soft and a nice warm orange illuminating the subject and location, gives a magical atmosphere to a scene that otherwise would seem “obvious.”

In addition to the problem of light (which again be critical) we think that you’ll have to endure the heat during the middle of a sunny summer day. Imagine a short 20 minute photo session with the bride’s dress and, above all, that of the bridegroom under the blazing sun, I am convinced that your expressions will not be as spontaneous as you’d expect.

Another important reason to prefer marriages in the afternoon is the change of atmosphere. I ask you a small stretch of the imagination: we assume a wedding at 11 am, we will do all the preparations from 7:30am to 10:30am, then the ceremony, the couple and photographs session following receipt … we arrived at 3:00pm that it’s time to sit down for lunch. at 5:30pm lunch is finished, cut the cake and dancing … Everything takes place with light, of course, the dances maybe will have the advantage of the light of late afternoon but will be substantially the whole party with sunlight. Definitely beautiful is beautiful but now we try to imagine the other situation. Preparations from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, already the light that reaches us from the windows has changed greatly between the beginning and the end of the preparations, the arrival ceremony at 5:00pm with a wonderful golden light, output from the ceremony to 6:00/6:30pm … the portrait session at 7:00pm with the most magical of lighting situations you can find on a summer afternoon. You arrive at the buffet that the sun is even lower until arriving at sunset. The blue hour, short 5 minute portrait session with the blue hour. The blue hour is that time of the day following the sunset and precedes the night when the sun is not yet entirely disappeared, and gives a soft glow to the very deep blue sky, with small technical tricks you get exceptional images. At this point we are ready to sit-down dinner. It could be held outdoors with the fascinating lighting setups candles catenary type or hanging around the tables, or in a villa or a beautiful room with a gorgeous bright décor to create a romantic and delicate atmosphere. Cutting the cake at night lends itself to other more or less colored lighting setups to also make that spectacular moment. Here we are at the first dance … well needless to say of the dark with the lights of a skilled service you can get photographs of an unforgettable first dance. Yes, afternoon wedding allows us to have many more different situations than the daytime wedding. The change in temperature and the amount of natural light along with various bright furniture gives us much more interesting situations and atmospheres.

If you still have doubts about the choice of time can add another consideration: the duration. I happened to hear something about it by some pairs of bride and groom. The thought is this: if I make the wedding in the morning I can to take more time and I enjoy it more …

I left suspended the sentence because I want to bring attention to the amount of time value vs quality. Ie, are we sure that it is better to a long wedding party rather than short? Beyond that I think the length slightly changes between the one and the other solution but really you would miss all of the above for 2 hours more festive? And if these two hours were just that little more than turn a memorable party in a boring thing?

I believe that marriage should be a bespoke party for the newlyweds. The considerations of us insiders are just one element that will allow you to pick and choose everything that fits best to organize the wedding of your dreams. Precisely for this reason I wish that what I have said will you used it just to have more options of choice and not to impose my idea.

The ingredients that make a beautiful wedding party are a wonderful married couple and fantastic guests! Everything else is over …

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