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10 years

Today is my 10th professional birthday, my career as a wedding photographer started 10 years ago! What a beautiful goal! February 7, 2007 I didn’t know what ideas I had and what I expected. I was hoping to be there again after 10 years, but I had no idea it would be like. Well, in 10 years I have seen many things, I met many colleagues and many I have lost sight of, some have changed jobs and new others have been added.

The changes from the professional point of view are many but they are not all on my own, the times we live in are very tight and force us to run a lot to stay at their own pace. Changing trends and changing customer tastes but also change our understanding. Even in my time I have changed and I moved in areas of wedding photography that initially did not understand.

For example, today my work has mainly moved to Venice and with couples from abroad, the correct definition would destination wedding photographer in Venice. But it is not only the type of client to be changed, the way I interpret the wedding reportage is very different too. At first I was looking for a very photojournalistic shot omitting the portraiture, exactly what today I prefer.

So yes, in 10 years you get older, you mature and you learn so many things, I have thanking very much who is always near me and listen to me even when I become repetitive, without that person I might be a different photographer. I also want to thank ANFM (wedding photographers national association) because it was my gateway to the world of wedding photography that is the one that gave me the means to watch what happens in the world and find the right inspirations. Last but not least, my daughter: with her genuine curiosity sometimes puts me questions that force me to reflect on my work and the relationship with my clients!

10 years … not a goal but a new pit-lane!

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