Why I’m a wedding photographer?

Many people made me this question and often I have asked it myself.

If I think of my photographic journey, and to be honest the story is actually very simple: to photography I approached thanks to my family, where the camera was a passionate object but also a work tool. It was probably inevitable that I stay fascinated me. When, after several work done, more or less satisfactory, I decided what I wanted to do when I will “grow up”, I thought that the passion I could turn it into work and the field where I could start, considering the region where I live (which is not hardly a city in which employment opportunities are varied) was the wedding industry. Before embarking definitively the wedding photo career, I worked as a press photographer.

So we can honestly say that the wedding photographer was a necessary choice to be able to make my hobby into a business that would allow me to live.

Over the years, moreover, marriage has changed from a simple working resource into an emotional resource, details, stories to tell, because in order to do a good job, not only aesthetically pleasing, I realize that I had to listen and share part of the sensations that live the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Today I am very happy and feel very richest and prepared than at the beginning, more aware of what I’m photographing your wedding day: a piece of the love story of a couple who have decided to take the pleasure of storytelling. It is a great responsibility, but also gives me a lot of satisfaction when the newlyweds then moved by reviewing the moments of that day.

So, today, I can say that I’m a wedding photographer because I like to tell a story, that every marriage is renewed and which should be handed down trying to express with one click the thrill of those moments.

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