How many pictures?

I am a wedding photographer, I do not claim to be considered an artist just for this, I answer willingly to questions on the “quantity” of my service. Whether it’s how many photos or hours of service is always interesting to talk with the subjects that I will retract to have a clear idea of ​​what they need. I would, first of all, a distinction between a wedding service and a portrait session. Marriage is an event that I believe should be told while the portrait session is a time “manageable”; I quotation marks manageable since experience has taught me that the unexpected is always lurking, and sometimes it’s important to know how to improvise. The ideal situation, for the photographer, would be one in which the customer is completely trusts and does not expect a precise amount of time or images, but want the quality of images. The portrait session might end with a single photograph if it reflects the expectations of the customer, as well as marriage, may be told well with 60 photographs as needing 150. In my view, rather than dwell on the amount, it would be nice to focus on what you’re getting from the photo book or album of marriage. I do not think, when you began to think of a photographer for your wedding, you thought: I want an album with 120 photographs, or, I want an album with 70 pages, or want the photographer for 12 hours … than I believe you thought: I would like an album that makes me remember the day, or let me soak in a dream, and that makes me feel a princess. Only later emerge the rational demands. My advice is to forget the quantity and consider the proposals of wedding photographer, only a track, the thing that will give you satisfaction there will be not the amount of images but as you will see in those photos. Choose the photographer for the image quality and the type of photography that offers, not for how many things includes in the package.


Destination Wedding in Italy

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