When does the photographer come to the wedding?

If we wanted to draw up a list of questions to be asked to the wedding photographer it would probably come out a very thick volume. Everyone has his own needs and doubts and the wedding photographer is always happy to answer the doubts of brides and grooms.

A very interesting question is exactly what concerns the arrival time. Although very often I ask this question to the bride rather than her to me, it is a topic of great interest. Do you always talk about the story of the day so since you start telling?

There is no rules in this regard, everyone can decide whether to manage the times according to their preferences.

I do not feel like giving tips about this decision but just expressing my preferences. To tell a marriage is not just taking pictures of events while they are running. Of course the reportage remains the focus of my photo service, adding portraits of the bride’s alone and the couple are a great extension of the story.

If the bride likes to spend time ahead of the lens, one might decide to anticipate the preparations in order to have a few dozen minutes available for the boudoir portrayal session. Of the boudoir sessions I have already mentioned in another article so I do not stop but I focus on this moment that is very often not considered. The day of marriage lives all too quickly. When done the makeup quickly wears the dress and always very quickly you go to the place of the ceremony. Why not enjoy these moments? Why not anticipate preparations for 30 minutes or even an hour? It would give you time to do things with the calm enough and take advantage of the photographer’s presence for an intimate session and one with the wedding dress … when do you recap?

So when do we get the photographer? Every bride has his answer!