Today I talk about her

After a long time when I did not write a lot, I found myself here trying to tell something about me, but above all about her, Alice. Alice is my daughter, the daughter of a wedding photographer. What to withstand?

Not really in fact, it created a playful relationship with portrait photography. Obviously over time she has become accustomed to the lens and photography with her has evolved. For a dad, her daughter is always the most beautiful in the world and for a daughter her dad is always a super hero.

When his daughter is passionate about painting and her dad makes the portrait photographer here, the meeting points and the reasons for spending time together in the studio or visiting exhibitions and bookshops are always with great pleasure.

Like any dad I’m in love with my daughter and taking pictures of her is almost a manifestation of the good that I want them. It’s like giving her one of the best things I can do … she spends on leaving me looking beyond her exterior appearance and lets her moods and her character through the expressions of her portraits.

That’s what I can do with my daughter but that every time I photograph a person I try to do. Anyone who puts himself in front of my goal gives me the chance to get into empathy. To scrutinize myself to give myself emotionally and ask to you to do the same.

I would love to be able to explain with words the emotional process that is created between photographer and subject but I think it’s not easy.

I will return to this subject and maybe I will show you other photos, today I leave you with 2 portraits of Alice that I like very much and of which I have personally prepared the prints for two 70x100cm frames I will put in my home …