The Wedding proposal in Venice

I could not avoid it, I absolutely had to talk about wedding proposals in Venice! I often get to photograph this amazing moment of a couple’s life!

Nothing to take away from the emotions of the wedding day but the proposal is a very intense emotion. It settles in very little time and always with a “yes” and the future bride in tears.

There are those who choose the gondola to kneel and pull the ring, there are those who prefer a terrace overlooking the basin of San Marco, who a banner that descends while the beloved is on the gondola, who a chic picnic in a garden with a view over Venice … whatever the format you choose is always a great emotion!

The first time that I had such a request was somewhat surprised, it took me a few minutes to understand what we were talking about. Strange, among other things, the first wedding proposal I photographed was in Paris.

I was in the French capital for a wedding and in those days I got this “last minute” request to which I did not know how to resist … That’s when I came back to realize that in four days I was able to shoot a wedding in Paris and a wedding proposal in Paris.

In the following years I had many other occasions to photograph wedding proposals, all very beautiful and all in Venice. Of course, Paris and Venice are the most romantic cities in the world and which woman would not want to receive the ring and the proposal in one of these cities?

As far as my service is concerned, the marriage proposal must be photographed strictly in secret as until now everything has to be a surprise. Once the initial emotional discharge has dropped, you continue for a small session of couple portraits. It all takes about an hour and you get very different pictures from those of the wedding day. The couple is not in stylish clothes and is not even prepared for a photo session as if an engagement … is something more spontaneous, let go. You follow the vibrations of the moment and you get those photos that have a different flavor …

What you can get because “she said yes”