The Elopement

How many things, the wedding photographer, take for granted, and yet in Venice – or in other awesome locations like Florence, Positano, Ravello, Lake Como, Amalfi coast, Puglia… – over the wedding, he can propose other related services. I already talked by the engagements and honeymoons but I never talk about the elopement. This choose continues to grow. What is most romantic than a wedding in Italy? An intimate wedding in Italy!

Sometimes I try to imagine the “movie” of couples that I photograph. They leave from their home with the wedding dress inside the suitcase. Maybe during the night they go tu the airport… No one of their friends and relatives know that this holiday will be an elopement and reach its best with their “yes, I do”!  How many emotions in that suitcase…

The photo shooting is 3 or 4 hours long. It can starts during preparation and includes single portraits of the bride and the groom, the ceremony and a long photo tour with some couple portrait sessions. It is an intensive shooting without pauses where I get a lot of pictures. This service requires patience and the ability to handle subjects ; the interaction with the couple is very high and the good results also require tenacity to maintain concentration for long. The session can be 2 hours or 2 hours and half long. Spend so much time in close contact with the spouses inevitably brings a high level of empathy indeed when arrive the time to say goodbye always leaves a bit ‘ of melancholy .

These services , as well as being very exciting , they are very educational , it is necessary to expand their repertoire of shots to avoid becoming repetitive . I did discover the passion the world of portrait photography , the field of which I am passionate more and more …

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