Kristina + Audriius

In the eyes of the wedding photographer every wedding is different but there are some more different than others. There are weddings that are organized in various ways but this, organized by Brilliant Wedding has been really enjoyable.

Egoistically enjoyable since I had plenty of time with the bride before the ceremony and with the couple afterwards. When you come to a wedding photographer, Venice and a couple of brides for 2 hours, there are positive emotions that feed creativity!

Kristina beautiful, blond with blue eyes. Both young and in love. They are from Lituania,  married in Venice, the city they visited together shortly after they met. A love story that crowns a wonderful July day in Venice.

Audrius is very excited, looks with her gaze as he is waiting for her in the church. They chose the beautiful church of San Moisè just a stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco. St. Mark’s Square will be the first place to start the photographic session after the ceremony. It is Monday but Venice is very crowded. We are able to break through the crowd and find the space for the photographs in the vicinity.

Brilliant Wedding makes us find a gondola and a taxi to complete the photo session. We go to the canals where only a gondola can enter, then end up with the taxi to the island of San Giorgio and the Basin of San Marco.

It may be enough but Gabrielli’s terrace, the location chosen for the reception is special and deserves to be immortalized, as well as the inner courtyard and the large first floor lounge.

Kristina and Audrius were wonderful, always patient and available. Despite the heat and fatigue they managed to sustain a couple of portraits of two hours …

There are many people who do not like photography sessions so long, so I always ask the couple how they prefer to organize this part. Anyway, in Venice you can get an excellent result in half an hour as in 3 hours … the limit is not the time but the availability of the couple and creativity of the photographer.

Make Up – Lisa Semenzato

Wedding Planner – Brilliant Wedding

Location – Chiesa San Moisè + Hotel Gabrielli

Photographer – Glauco Comoretto