What’s your photographic style ?

It is not easy to define my style . In my shot I try to tell , in the most spontaneous and natural way , all aspects of your special day . I try spontaneity also in coordination of the scene . I will not be the coordinator of your day , but I’ll just give you the best directions in time that you will take me , otherwise I’ll be a careful observer , since the day must be yours and not the photographer . These must be as unobtrusive as possible . Although I like to devote some time to a few portraits set during the preparations and after the ceremony , I love fashion style to blend the reportage , so do not miss the portraits that highlight the beauty of the couple and even time of day .


Do you work only in Veneto ?

No, obviously I can travel all around Italy (and the world)  if it’s necessary and just to meet with your requests. Obviously, all travelling expenses , that is petrol, toll and  staying in a hotel, can have an important role in the wedding general cost, also because a wedding  out of  my region can bring an undertaking of more than one day and, as a consequence, a loss of wedding here in Venet0.

How can I make a reservation for my wedding?

Well, you can write to me at info@gcomorettofotografo.com then we can arrange an appointment at my studio or on your place. If is not possible we can arrange  by skype or video conference. If you decide to employ me as your wedding photographer I’ll make you sign a contract that certifies and grants all your choices and I’ll make you leave a cautional deposit.

Are you overparticular for the wedding day?

No, I’m not but if you need something particular it’s not a problem for me. Would you like a picture with a dear friend or a farway relative, it’s not a problem! Would you like to immortalize an important speech made just before dinner? Well, you’ll be satisfied! The only thing I need is to have dinner if the wedding ceremony extends all day long. If you have a particular request for me, for example classic groups photos or similar, please tell me. It is important to remember that with the reportage style is not possibile to grant the presence in all the pictures of all the people taking part of your wedding so If you have a particular request for example classic groups photos or similar or pictures with  parents, grandparents, please let me know and I’ll be glad to satisfy  your  desire.

When should us contact you?

It is quite difficult to answer this question because every year there are periods that are strongly required ; according to my personal experience if you intend to marry in June or July it would be better to contact me at least nine months before especially if the wedding will be celebrated on Saturday or Sunday which are public holidays.

How much do I spend for a wedding photocall?

Well, you can have an idea of costs reading my price-list, but the best thing to do is to contact me after having seen my website then we’ll talk about all the economic aspects.

Can you give us a piece of advice about the making of the  video (camerawork?)

Well I do not personally handle the making of the video during the wedding but according to my personal experience I’ve realized that there are some fundamental elements that the cameraman should have in order to allow me to work at my best. It’s clear that my advices are useful if you decide to choose me as your wedding photographer.  I think that cameramen using  big video cameras  just like those used in  the ‘90s with  spotlight is an absurd solution or, worse than ever,  if they also use lamps in the church; all this is far from my personal vision of taking pictures. Reportage is not a way of taking pictures that can be planned , it is  a moment taken in a split second  and if you want to do this you cannot have  sudden changes of lights as those placed  on the  cameras or other annoying factors.  We have to remember that natural light is for me the best thing to use  in order  to obtain the best pictures  during the wedding and it is unthinkable  to act  “one by one” as  once it used to be in “classic” weddings….this is not my case! In my own opinion the cameraman should use a reflex and remain just  a pace backwards from the photographer so to tell and maybe put into his own story the photographer himself; furthermore he should not use  those terribile artificial lights! If you  decide to have a video I can suggest you some cameraman that I consider extremely good but if you choose yourself the person, please, make sure he has those important requirements that I have  mentioned above otherwise, I do prefer to abandon the attempt to do your wedding. Obviously , if the cameraman will be one of your relatives or friends or simply a guest no particular piece of advice is good! A guest is part of your  wedding and he is also part of the “story” I try to tell with my images so…he is free to  make the video if he really wants to.

How long do I have to wait to see the test strips? Who will choose the shots?

Usually, after 4/6weeks I can give you all photos that have been made during the wedding day if it is not a very busy period (on DVD, at full resolution)  otherwise you have to wait 3 months. Dvd package contains all shoots made (about 700 in a 4 hours service, about 1500 in a 12 hours services) plus about 80/150 (number is variable..)  shoots editing. All photos are at full resolution ( about 1000 files). The choice of the shots is made by me because I think that  a story should be told by the “author” and not by the “characters”; obviously if the client would like to have the postproduction of particular images that I have not chosen I can do it without any problem.

Who make the choice of pictures for our album?

I think the best solution is that the photographer make the choice. When you chosen me for your photographic service, you had seen complete works, and you had valued them. If you liked them and want your wedding album will be awesome you have to give me confidence also in the choice. An other important thing is the effect surprise: think the awesome emotions when you will see the images for first time already in the album… that’s a great emotional moment!

And if will want the group-pictures in the album?

I hope you going to appreciate a present: a little album with the prints of group-pictures.

How can I do to have the original files of the wedding?

The price that has been fixed for the wedding includes all processed shots in high resolution format (generally 80-140 shots ) furthermore all those shots that I have not personally chosen which are also processed  in high resolution format. If the customer is interested in addition to the original jpg is possible request raw files without overprices.

You Have other questions for me? I’m at your disposal!