What’s in the wedding photographer’s bag?

Who knows how many times you will be asked why the wedding photojournalist takes a bag or a backpack so large and heavy …

Sometimes it is too much prudence to induce the wedding photographer to take on many things, others are insecurity (especially with first-time photographers), but often the need is to express themselves to the best. We want to give our best at the couples who have given us confidence. An accessory more or less could make the difference. A difference that is not negligible. As in everything, attention to detail leads to better results.

Today in my backpack there are 2 professional cameras, say brand and model, will not offend anyone: Canon 5D mark4. I am sure that many of you say little about these but they can let you search for information about them and check the quality of these cameras.

Then the lenses, including these professional ones, the L Series are the professional canon series and I’m out today with the 24mm f1,4 the 35mm f1,4-II, the 50mm f1,2 and the 85mm f1,2. Fixed lens, not zoom, since the best quality is right in these optics.

A prodigious accessory that I bring today is the Profoto B2 flash. This jewel will allow me to take pictures with a good light whatever the conditions I will encounter. I’ll just have to think about what light I want and the Profoto B2 will do for me … Nice is it? It’s a bit like the most beautiful girl of the school falls in love with you …

Finally a small, led light Manfrotto, very small that very often solves small problems in situations that are not always easy.

Of course I have not talked about a very important aspect yet, the wedding photographer’s bag is full not only of complicated and expensive equipment but also of batteries and memory cards. The ultimate in tranquility in every situation.