how I work

What is a wedding photographer? Or rather: what is special about taking photographs at a wedding?

The wedding photography of Glauco Comoretto does not exist! There is a photo shoot of your Wedding Celebration made ​​especially for you by Glauco Comoretto.

Studio Fotografico

Before the Wedding:
• I normally like to set up a meeting to get to know you, explain how I work, comment on how you envision your Wedding day and find out, helped by my previous photos, the style you like and what you expect from my photo service so that we both understand … if we are made ​​for each other
• Once you confirm the service and the Wedding day draws closer, I like to set up an additional meeting where we will go into the details of how you have planned your wedding day, and how you would like me to fit in – this including dress the code for the day. Because if the photographer is dressed as one of your guests, he will be less visible, all the photos will turn out to be more natural and will earn on freshness.


On the Wedding day:
• Arrival at the stated time at the bride’s home and wander around, I take confidence with the spaces and the people to feel at ease and I get ready to work without pressure. Meanwhile the guests and the bride get used to my presence
• If there is no wedding planner on-site, the bride will introduce me to a host who will show me the family members and friends so that I can be informed of family ties and friendship bonds

• during the ceremony and reception I try to be as discreet as possible : I tell wedding day without interfering with his swing

• 10/30 minutes after the ceremony for the bride and groom photo . I don’t need more time for couple portraits. I do wedding photography reportage style , not posed portraits !

•  I dedicate myself to the details , the phase in which the photojournalistic background and the still-life set me are of enormous help. After the dancing and cake cutting I put my camera and greeting the newlyweds

Album matrimonio

After the Wedding:

in about 90 days I give the album