Wedding photos on the snow

Today I take advantage of the story of Lindsy and Paolo to talk about the pre or post-wedding photo shoot, another of the things that the wedding photographer can do for you.

A Paolo’s friend contacted me to ask me to create a photo shoot for the married couple in the snow. They chose Mount Lussari in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a small village at 1790 m from which a very popular ski run starts. It is a small corner of paradise.

That village is very important for them, one of the first trips after getting to know each other.

Lindsy and Paolo were married in the United States, where they now live. For Christmas they spent time in Italy. Taking advantage of this holiday period, this cuddle was granted: a post-wedding photo shoot with Glauco Comoretto.

What is it? It is a photo shoot dedicated entirely to portraits in wedding dresses. The photographer is completely available to the couple for as long as necessary. Also for this type of service you can choose the package of hours you prefer.

Unlike the session portrayed during a real wedding, in this service you have much more time available and you can use it in various ways. First of all I can bring more equipment because there is not the frenzy of a wedding and so I can study the situation, rummage in the bag, mount supports, diffusers and panels to improve the scene. Then, there is time to study the shot until you reach exactly the idea you are looking for. This aspect with Paolo and Lindsy, in reality, was not entirely possible, since the low temperatures of Lussari certainly did not allow the bride to be left uncovered for a long time. So for the winter wedding, especially in the snow, which is the Lussari or Sankt Moritz is essential to study the scene while the couple wear the jackets and then let them remove at the last moment only and exclusively for the shot.

For these services the use of one or two assistants is very important, the result will be much higher …

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