• A different day ...

  • What can happen in the professional life of a wedding photographer and portrait photographer so that I'm excited about doing something different? Sometimes he gets emotional about small things, little gestures, words, smiles and tears ... But today's article talks about emotions derived from a "big [...]
Rachael + Jonathan
  • Rachael + Jonathan

  • Sometimes the wedding photographer's work is strange. It happens to meet the wedding couple for the first time on the day of their wedding, and in spite of this, they are able to enter into the tune as if they had known them for some time. This is more or less what happened to me with Rachael and J [...]
Jaque + Tommaso
  • Jaque + Tommaso

  • Have you ever turned to a wedding photographer for a couple photo shoot? Did you know how many times I meet people who, in commending me for my work, tell me: if I'm going to get married I would definitely call you ... This is assuming that there is no other possibility than wedding if you have a co [...]
  • Are we talking with wedding planners?

  • All wedding photographers are looking for them, want them but few understand them ... Wedding planner agencies! What will this “fantasmatic” figure ever be? To talk to them colleagues seems to be a bottomless pit from which endless multitudes of weddings go out. I started a bit provocative this art [...]
When does the photographer come to the wedding?
  • The right time

  • Have you ever wondered why the wedding photographer sometimes asks you to wait some time before the portraying session while in other times hurts you? In fact, this detail I try to take care of in the interview phase so that wedding spouses and wedding planners can handle it in the best way. Hours [...]
  • The exchange of rings

  • What tension for the wedding photographer, the exchange of rings can not go wrong! It is the most important moment of the wedding ceremony, yet in this there are many different traditions. The photographic interpretation of this moment has some variants and every photographer has tried to customize [...]
  • From screen to screen

  • Today, we can define the wedding photographer as such. That is, the one who looks at the world through the screens. There are those who like me, despite the digital, to use reflex cameras but there are also those who have already passed on different systems, new concept that are mirrorless cameras. [...]
  • Speaking of analogue photography

  • I have already talked about analogue photography and how it is part of the story for the wedding photographer. A story, however, is booming about contemporary. I'm not the onliest photographer who experimented with and replicated the mixed (digital-analog) photo service. The most satisfying thing i [...]
  • Rice, petals, confetti ...

  • One of the photographs that the wedding photographer slaps during the most beautiful day of your life is definitely the exit from the ceremony. According to the various traditions, the wedding is accompanied by the launch of rice, petals or confetti. Traditions and customs vary, so it is not diffic [...]
  • Prepare a sample

  • After I've renewed the album catalog, which you will soon see online on this site, I decided to prepare samples, that is, printed albums to give you the chance to touch the work of wedding photographers with your hands. Where do you go from? I started from a basic decision: which album to prepare. [...]