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Which photographs?
  • Which photographs?

  • The definition of my job: wedding photographer has now become very generic. And I'm not talking about refining the definition with a place like a wedding photographer in Venice, rather than “wedding photographer in London” or any other city in the world. Today it is not enough to say that you are a [...]
Wedding photos on the snow
  • Wedding photos on the snow

  • Today I take advantage of the story of Lindsy and Paolo to talk about the pre or post-wedding photo shoot, another of the things that the wedding photographer can do for you. A Paolo’s friend contacted me to ask me to create a photo shoot for the married couple in the snow. They chose Mount Lussari [...]
Sonia + Dave | An Indian couple from Los Angeles
Torcello and Mazzorbo, another wonderful face of Venice ...
Aira + Craig | a new emotional love story
  • Aira + Craig | a new emotional love story

  • You will think that for a wedding photographer, marriages are all the same. Good! I assure you that is not so! The beauty of my job and the reason why I continue to do so is that every marriage is unique and every couple gives me different emotions and unforgettable moments. I met Aira and Craig i [...]
Today I talk about her
  • Today I talk about her

  • After a long time when I did not write a lot, I found myself here trying to tell something about me, but above all about her, Alice. Alice is my daughter, the daughter of a wedding photographer. What to withstand? Not really in fact, it created a playful relationship with portrait photography. Obvi [...]
Vivien Maier's photographs on exhibition in Genoa.
The Wedding proposal in Venice
  • The Wedding proposal in Venice

  • I could not avoid it, I absolutely had to talk about wedding proposals in Venice! I often get to photograph this amazing moment of a couple's life! Nothing to take away from the emotions of the wedding day but the proposal is a very intense emotion. It settles in very little time and always with a [...]
Kristina + Audriius
  • Kristina + Audriius

  • In the eyes of the wedding photographer every wedding is different but there are some more different than others. There are weddings that are organized in various ways but this, organized by Brilliant Wedding has been really enjoyable. Egoistically enjoyable since I had plenty of time with the brid [...]
What's in the wedding photographer's bag?
  • What's in the wedding photographer's bag?

  • Who knows how many times you will be asked why the wedding photojournalist takes a bag or a backpack so large and heavy ... Sometimes it is too much prudence to induce the wedding photographer to take on many things, others are insecurity (especially with first-time photographers), but often the ne [...]
A wonderful day…
  • A wonderful day…

  • Resuming the title of a song by the Italian songwriter Vasco Rossi to tell the photographic service of Alexandra and Michael. It is not always easy for a wedding photographer to do his job without stress. This was the ideal wedding for wedding photographer in Venice. A wedding arranged in the small [...]