• A different day ...

  • What can happen in the professional life of a wedding photographer and portrait photographer so that I'm excited about doing something different? Sometimes he gets emotional about small things, little gestures, words, smiles and tears ... But today's article talks about emotions derived from a "big [...]
Rachael + Jonathan
  • Rachael + Jonathan

  • Sometimes the wedding photographer's work is strange. It happens to meet the wedding couple for the first time on the day of their wedding, and in spite of this, they are able to enter into the tune as if they had known them for some time. This is more or less what happened to me with Rachael and J [...]
Jaque + Tommaso
  • Jaque + Tommaso

  • Have you ever turned to a wedding photographer for a couple photo shoot? Did you know how many times I meet people who, in commending me for my work, tell me: if I'm going to get married I would definitely call you ... This is assuming that there is no other possibility than wedding if you have a co [...]