• We photograph what we are

  • This phrase I heard it thousands of times and not only when I do a wedding photographer. As a boy, when I picked up the first few times the kodak retinette of my dad, the more experienced photographers kept telling me this thing. I admit that for a long time not understood the sense then one day it [...]
  • It sounds like a magic

  • I have already spoken at other times of the printing and how important it is for the wedding photographer. In the printing there is a lot to be able to say, you could keep just one blog on that. I have always lived phase of printing as something handmade and made with passion. That is why I brought [...]
  • Bla bla on the portrait and… a big belly

  • I fell in love portrait photography. It is not strange for a wedding photographer who has in his study the exposure room. I can not say when and how it did this passion and the spark that made me fall in love with this specific discipline. I started from very far away, I've always been a big fan of [...]